Types of Attic Insulation

Pratt, KS doesn’t just help keep your home comfortable year-round; it also saves energy and extends the life of your roof. Insulation acts as a barrier between your living spaces and the conditions outside your house, keeping hot air out in summer and cold air in during winter.

There are many different types of insulation, but the four most popular choices for attics include fiberglass batts, cellulose, mineral wool and spray foam. These materials range in cost and R-value, which is a measure of how effective the insulation is at preventing heat transfer.

Features and Specifications of Advanced Seal Spray Foam Insulation

Fiberglass batts are a common insulation choice; they’re made of recycled sand and glass and come in pre-cut segments that are easy to install in your attic. Its composition makes it an eco-friendly option, and fiberglass is also fire-resistant. However, it doesn’t mix well with moisture and can take a long time to dry out should it become wet.

Cellulose is another environmentally friendly insulation option, made from ground-up paper and boric acid for insect control and fire resistance. It’s often used in combination with fiberglass, because it helps prevent drafts and improve R-value. Cellulose has a higher R-value than fiberglass and is often recommended for older homes that need more insulating power.

Mineral wool is similar to fiberglass, but it’s made from natural materials such as sand and rock. It’s also more resistant to moisture than fiberglass, and it doesn’t lose its R-value when it gets wet.

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