Developing Emotional Intelligence Through Online Gaming

The ability to understand, express, and communicate one’s emotions is fundamental to personal and professional success. Nevertheless, students have low perceptions of the relevance of emotional intelligence (EI) in their academic and professional paths. Moreover, there are few contexts that allow them to learn and develop these skills.

In this study we developed เคล็ดลับเพื่อชนะในบาคาร่า FLIGBY, a serious game that allows players to experience situations that require the development of EI. It is designed to facilitate the learning and application of different strategies for managing emotions in real-life contexts. It was beta tested with 110 participants external to the LoEL consortium, mainly youth trainers and students. They provided quantitative and qualitative feedback on the usability, the game experience and its effectiveness in emotional competence development.

Developing Emotional Intelligence Through Online Gaming

The objective of this paper is to explore the association level between the performance of students in the EI dimension of the game and their final academic performance in the discipline of entrepreneurship. Similarly, we also aim to assess the relevance of contextual variables (i.e., course, gender, age and years of professional experience) in the students’ performance in this component. Our results indicate a significant correlation between the students’ performance in this dimension of the game and their final academic score. This result is consistent with the theory that students with higher levels of EI are better able to deal with emotionally challenging situations. It is also in line with the hypothesis that emotional intelligence plays an important role in preventing problematic behaviors such as Internet Gaming Disorder.

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