Breathwork Training Online – How to Get Certified in Breathwork


Breathwork Training Online
As a coach, teacher or healer, getting certified in breathwork will give you an additional tool to help your clients and students clear stagnant energy and reconnect with their bodies. Breathwork can also be used to help them break through mental blocks that have been holding them back. Go here

Therese Cator, a somatic healing practitioner and teacher, says it’s important to get proper instruction on breathwork. When not taught properly, she says, it can be a high-pressure experience that’s hard to tolerate. She adds that many people who attempt to practice breathwork on their own without instruction, end up giving up on the technique because it becomes too stressful.

Breathing Your Way to Better Health: The Science Behind Online Breathwork Training

To help prevent this, she advises newcomers to look for a local breathwork instructor or vetted practitioner on social media or in their community. She recommends they make sure the person they’re contacting is trained and teaches breathing techniques that can be done in a safe, comfortable environment.

Cator says a good breathwork trainer will be able to work with the individual and ensure they stay within their window of tolerance, which she describes as “what feels like tolerable discomfort.” In addition to teaching breathing techniques, she’ll teach them how to prepare a client for a session, how to do the breathwork and how to guide them through it. She also explains that it’s important for people to do the breathwork in an indoor space where the air is fresh, and to avoid consuming alcohol or caffeine before or during a session.

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