Online Direct Mail Services

While digital marketing has been all the rage in recent years, direct mail is still an effective way to reach customers. If done right, it can increase response rates and drive conversions while delivering a better ROI than online advertising. It’s important to choose the right online direct mail service for your business, though. Many companies specialize in printing and mailing services that can save you time and money by handling everything from planning to delivery. Choosing a company with a user-friendly platform and advanced programmatic capabilities will allow you to deploy campaigns within minutes and personalize mail using dynamic elements like first name, past purchases, and more.

Depending on your business, it may make more sense to work with a full-service provider who offers not only online direct mail services but also fulfillment and warehousing. This option will allow you to keep your budget in check while ensuring the quality of your mailers. Typically, these providers will offer a range of options for both printed and digital mailers, including high-speed inkjet printing of addresses and other information on a variety of different materials.

Embracing Technology: Online Direct Mail Services

To enhance the value of your direct mail, you can include a personalized URL (PURL) or code that drives consumers to a landing page where they can redeem a special offer. Personalization is one of the most powerful aspects of direct mail and allows marketers to create a one-to-one connection with their audience that can increase brand engagement and drive conversions.

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