Choosing the Right Playground Resurfacing Near Me

When Playground Resurfacing, it’s not just the equipment that makes an impact – it’s also the surfacing. Resilient surfacing is the most important element in the safety equation for children, with falls to the ground accounting for over 75% of all injuries on playgrounds.

Safe surfacing protects children from life-threatening head trauma and reduces the risk of limb fractures, broken bones and concussions. The surface material must be soft enough to cushion a fall, yet firm enough to support the weight of adults and children using play equipment.

Loose-fill playground surfacing options, such as engineered wood fiber or traditional loose rubber mulch, are cost-effective and popular with many schools and parks because of their excellent shock-absorbing properties. However, these surfacing materials often require frequent maintenance to maintain their intended depths and keep the areas under swings or slides from developing pits and grooves that can be dangerous for kids.

Playground Resurfacing Near Me: Cost, Benefits, and Options

Unitary playground surfacing, such as poured-in-place or bond-in-place rubber or interlocking resilient tiles, provides a smooth uniform surface that’s easy to clean and meets accessibility guidelines for visitors using wheelchairs or other mobility aids. These surfacing products also offer an array of color and pattern options to complement any design theme and fit within a budget.

Synthetic grass is another popular playground surfacing option that’s comfortable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. GT Impax synthetic turf choices feature ADA-compliant drainage, long wear, and world-class toughness. They also allow for a free flow of water to cultivate a healthier environment.

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